Our Story

A group of enthusiast young entrepreneurs having decade long experience in the country’s national and international wineries – Mount Everest Winery Pvt. Limited (MEW) – is set to revolutionize the sector by manufacturing quality product making use of chain-network and modern technology. This seed was initiated in 2018 A.D

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish the company as market leader within the near future and take taste from the Himalayas to the global market. Mount Everest Winery Pvt. Limited is dedicated to establish a solid, long-term relationship with the consumers as well as suppliers for ensuring that the brand succeeds in breaking the stereo type and takes the domestic wine industry to greater heights. We want to brand and position our product and cater wine with quality in affordable price to Nepalese market.

Health Benefit of KIWI

Our Vision

Our vision is to obtain consumer satisfaction by delivering original flavor and taste and establish our product lineups as household names. We also aspire to lead the way in developing wine culture combining quality raw material with state-of-the-art wine making technology. Mount Everest Winery Pvt. Ltd is committed to change the way wine is perceived in the country. We are highly committed to promote local product and empower local community and country by being   corporate house with social responsibility.